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Welcome to Kendall Law Group, your trusted partner in Kansas City for navigating the complexities of personal injury law. On our testimonials page, you'll find heartfelt accounts from clients who've entrusted us with their most challenging moments. We know the journey following an injury is often filled with uncertainty, and that's where our compassionate and experienced attorneys step in. By offering personalized support and unwavering commitment, we strive to make your legal process as smooth and successful as possible. These stories from our clients are a testament to our dedication and the meaningful impact we aim to have on every individual we serve.
Kendall Law Group LLC - Top Kansas City Personal Injury Attorneys

"I’m very thankful for Brad and Kaila. They pushed to get the absolute most for us and I’m very thankful. I would definitely recommend them! Thank you again so much!"

- Amie H.

"I wanted to take my time to write and express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional legal representation provided by Brad, Javier and their team, during a challenging period in our lives. After my husband was struck by a car while walking as a pedestrian, the expertise and unwavering support provided by Kendall Law GROUP were invaluable.

From the initial consultation to the resolution of the insurance claims, Brad, Javier and his team demonstrated professionalism, empathy, and a deep commitment to securing the best possible outcome for us. Their dedication to our case, coupled with their comprehensive knowledge of personal injury law, instilled confidence and peace of mind in us during a time of uncertainty.

Kendall Law Group provided us with clear communication, attention to detail, and strategic approach, which ensured that our rights were protected and that we received the compensation we deserved. They have advocated for us with utmost urgency on every single step of the way! Most importantly, their guidance throughout the process alleviated much of the stress associated with navigating legal matters, allowing us to focus on my husband’s recovery.

We are immensely grateful for your tireless efforts on our behalf and would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need of a skilled and compassionate personal injury attorney.

Thank you once again for your exceptional representation and support."

- Simona S.

"Thank you for everything Kendall Law ! The patience and communication was much appreciated. The Work Ethic and Excellent Representation will always be in mind . You guys made everything feel comfortable and always made sure I was getting the help I needed. Also, Shout out to Kaila for always answering any questions I had through out the day🌟 thank you guys again 🙏🏽"

- Buggy G.

"I cannot say enough good things about my experience with this law firm. Brad is extremely caring and professional. He and his office respond promptly and courteously, which is rare from my experience with law firms. His office staff is also very professional and pleasant to work with. In my opinion, our family had the best possible outcome, from a very tragic situation. I was nervous about choosing an attorney, after reading all of Brad’s 5 star reviews, I thought it was worth a call. I’m sure glad I made that call. BEST experience that I have ever had with an attorney, by far!"

-Cheryl W.

"Brad Kendall is one of the best attorneys in Kansas City. He goes above and beyond for his clients. My personal experience with Brad has been like no other. I had absolutely something terrible happened to me, and Brad was with me every step of the way. I never felt alone in my fight for justice, because Brad was so encouraging and such bright light at a time in my life that was so dark and horrific. Brad fought for me every step of the way even in the times that I felt I had lost faith and hope in the justice system. In the end we did win, but most of all, I won by having such an amazing person that truly cared about me and what the outcome would be. Over the years I’ve reached out to Brad several times, just for advice and guidance on unrelated issues to my case. Brad has never made me feel like just another client, but he’s always treated me as a person that he truly wants the best for. If you are looking for an attorney that will not only fight for you, but give you the care and respect you deserve as a victim and a human being then you should definitely hire Brad Kendall. You will be very happy you did."

-Jill S.

"I was referred to Brad by my daughter. He helped me with some legal issues the day I contacted him. He had my concerns addressed within a few hours of reaching out. He had saved my daughter when she had a personal injury car accident several years ago involving a semi truck. He was so wonderful in helping her when this company was contacting her, and arriving at her home the day after the accident for settlement. He stopped them from communicating with her. He immediately contacted the hospital, and anyone else reaching out to her until the accident was settled and her injuries were addressed. I would highly recommend him for your family and friends. Thank you for taking care of us!!"


"Brad has been wonderful as an attorney for me in the past!! He really helped guide me with an accident I had several years ago. He has been a great friend, and given me great advice in other legal issues over the years. I would highly recommend him for your personal injury case. Thank you so much!!!"

-C Buck

"We were hit by a drunk driver out of state, he was uninsured with no license or registration. For many months we tried to deal with the medical bills ourselves but it became overwhelming. After calling Brad and his team we were able to release all that stress, turning it over to them we were able to focus on doctors visits and recovery. The outcome was much better than we expected and certainly much better than we would have received had we tried to do it all ourselves. Thank you to all in the office that helped us, coached us and cared for us throughout this time. Highly recommended, we will call again should the need arise."

- Laurie & Bob

"With a seemingly hopeless case. The Kendall Law team with relentless pursuit, passion and timely communication received a settlement for me. It was the worst circumstance with the best outcome. If you're looking for an attorney that will fight for you then Brad is your man. Thanks to the Kendall Law Firm for a job well done."

- Michelle K.

"This Law Firm truly helped me after a car wreck, they were quick, efficient, and really cared about everything I had to go through on my way to recovery. I would hands down recommend them to everyone I know!! Thanks Brad and Kaila for everything you did for my family and I during difficult times!"

- R. Phillips

"You never think you will need an attorney until that day comes. We tried our best to get through being hit by a drunk driver that had no insurance. Between doctors appointments, my wife being in pain and staying on top of the bills it became overwhelming. We had heard about Brad and his team and gave him a call. From that point on I could concentrate on my wife's recovery. Brad took the stress of dealing with insurance adjusters off of me. All through the process we felt like we had the right team working with us. Professional, caring and supportive through the months it took to get through this. The outcome was better than I expected all because we gave it to Brad."

- B. Coffey

"My husband was killed by an intoxicated driver in tragic automobile accident. A man who worked with him was helping me navigate through all the paperwork, and he personally vouched for Brad Kendall as a lawyer. I am so impressed by the dedication Brad and Kaila have shown in helping me, legally and personally, in this situation. Brad is clear, concise and to the point about what he can do and what needs to be done. He and his staff are warm, friendly and authentic people. I have never felt they were being condescending or dismissive of my thoughts or questions. We have had great success in handling my case, but we still have more to come. I have had the the privilege of watching Brad handle a court session with me and I felt completely confident going into it. I am in great hands with Kendall Law. If I could give them ten stars, I would do so!"

- Janelle V.

"The Kendall Law Group represented my family in a case concerning our Mom. The entire process was made easier due to their professionalism and caring nature. I so appreciate all they accomplished for us and highly recommend their services to anyone needing a law firm on their side."

- Debbie W.

"Brad is a fantastic attorney that handled my father's very unfortunately wrongful death medical malpractice case with professionalism and care. It was a tough choice to file this case, but I'm so glad we did and I'm so glad that Brad was our attorney. He not only represented our family well, but he did so in a way that felt respectful to my father. He truly eased the stresses of the process by giving us frequent updates, yet only involving us when necessary. I highly recommend Brad and his team. 100% trustworthy, professional and respectful."

- J. Godsey

"Mr. Brad Kendall helped me with a very stressful situation at work. Sure, many lawyers can do this, but it was the manner in which Mr. Kendall went above and beyond the call of duty. He was genuinely interested in my situation, and I truly felt like he had my back (which was something I needed). I would wholeheartedly--yes, 100%--recommend the Kendall Law Group to anyone seeking representation by someone who not only really cares [for you] but knows the law and is also ready to whoop some. Thank you!!"

- Pablo

"Working with Brad and the Kendall Law Group was a great experience! Brad is everything you want but never expect you would get from a lawyer. He has handled my case aggressively to get me to best possible outcome. He is upfront, honest, professional and offers years of experience that helped me with my case. He always kept me in the loop with what was happening in my case with lots of communication. I would highly recommend Kendall Law Group if you have any legal issues! Thank you!"

- Mike

"Brad and the Kendall Law Group did a great job on my car accident injury case. Brad was very informative and professional though the whole experience. I would highly recommend Brad and the Kendall Law Group to handle your legal issues!!"

- Julie

"I don't often do reviews unless it's for some exceptional service or person. I am proud to share that my experiences working directly with Mr. Brad Kendall have been nothing short of exemplary. He is personable, hard-working, enjoyable, and most of all dedicated to his craft and profession. His success in helping others is well documented and I trust you will have a similar experience as well."

- Zane

"I highly recommend the Kendall Law Group. They are attentive and informative. I am extremely happy with their services. Choosing legal representation is extremely crucial and Brad not only produced results that exceeded my expectations, but he also genuinely cares about his clients."

- Mike S.

"I don’t like to waste time, neither does Brad Kendall and his team. Great communication & timely resolution."

-Raquel A.

"Mr. Kendall represented myself when I lost my daughter unexpectedly. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer! Brad was very passionate, and was very thoughtful of my feelings, he worked with me and was very informative, never kept me in the dark, always let me know what was going on with my case whether it was what I wanted to hear or not. He worked very hard on my case day and night and if I called and he didn’t answer he would call back within just a short time. It will be 13 years in August that I lost my daughter and I still hear from Brad every once in awhile just checking in on me to see how I am doing! I highly recommend Mr. Kendall!"

-Shelly G.

"I feel extremely fortunate to have been referred to Kendall Law Firm. Brad represented me in a personal injury case that was a nightmare for me to handle on my own for over a year. Brad was exactly who I needed on my side to help me resolve the matter professionally and quickly. If I have any regrets it’s that I didn’t ask them to assist me a lot sooner. Brad and his staff were professional, kind, and promptly responsive to all concerns that I had along the way. The case was resolved quickly due to their help, and I can’t thank them enough. I would definitely recommend Kendall Law Group to help with your legal concerns."

-Cristi S.

"Finding a lawyer that truly cares about you as a person and has the skills to come through when the going gets tough is a rare find. Brad Kendall not only exemplifies those characteristics, but does so better than any lawyer I’ve met. He is extremely intelligent, hardworking, dedicated to the legal profession and cares about his clients more than anyone I’ve met. I am happy to say that he is the only lawyer I would recommend when it comes to legal advice or assistance."

- Aaron C.

"My fiance was in a really bad wreck with a drunk driver. A good friend of ours recommended Brad Kendall to us. He was amazing at keeping us up to date and letting us know exactly what was happening. He made sure we were doing okay shortly after the wreck and has kept up with us since, even after receiving the settlement. If you are looking for a great lawyer, go see Brad Kendall. You'll be glad he is on your side."

- Chelsea

"Brad is professional and personable. He worked very hard for us. Kayla is over the top as his office assistant she kept us well informed often.. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Law office."

- A. Spratt

"Brad has been simply amazing. He went above and beyond for me. Him and the other staff was always polite and professional. Always willing to answer any questions I had."

- Heather R.

"Brad is an exceptional Attorney. Very dedicated to you as an individual and a client. If I ever need an attorney again
it will be Brad!"

- Imelda P.

"They are AWESOME. The staff is so friendly and keep you updated on the progress being made. I would highly recommend
this firm❤️"

- Catherine G.

"Brad and his team Wow Me and my wife. I talked to probably 20 lawyers in Kansas City area regarding my daughter's passing and they said there was nothing we could do and they cannot help us. When we contacted Brad and he immediately took an interest in our case. What's a positive outcome for my grandkids. They love the new house. You did what other lawyers said couldn't be done. We cannot thank you enough for all you have done. God bless you."

- Jesse

"This is a fantastic law firm! We needed a lawyer that was looking out for our best interests, not just a paycheck. Brad Kendall was top notch! He was great about keeping in touch with us regularly, even after our case was settled. The outcome of our settlement was more than we thought it would be because of Brad's great negotiating skills! Should we ever need an attorney again, this is where we will go!"

- Paige

"After suffering a personal injury that was due to negligence on the part of a property owner, I was fortunate to connect with Brad Kendall. His experience, judgment, guidance and compassion helped me through a difficult time. Furthermore, the outcome of my case was highly satisfactory. I would definitely use Brad's services again and can recommend him without reservation."

-Coral M.

"I left it all in Brad's hands he did a GREAT job representing me in my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Brad we did great!"

-Ronnie M.

"Brad was extremely helpful and easy to work with. He is very professional, and was able to change a very unfortunate situation to an amazing outcome. My husband and I highly
recommend Brad"

- S. Dailey

"My wife and I had a very good experience with Brad. I would give him ten stars if it would let me. I would highly recommend Brad to anyone who is looking for the best outcome possible."

- C. Barber

"Brad handled our case with incredible professionalism and compassion. I appreciated his expertise, advice and great communication as the case progressed. He took the time to make sure we were well prepared for the deposition and court hearing and knew what to expect. I would recommend him
without hesitation."

- D. Godsey

"I was involved in a car wreck that could have easily killed me. A co-worker and good friend told me to call Brad Kendall. Brad was very personable and down to earth. I left everything in his hands and he handled it all with exceptional care. He always let me know what was taking place, what he needed from me (and helped with what I had issues getting a hold of) and settled my case. He has since kept in touch to ensure we are still doing well. I would recommend Brad to absolutely anyone!"


"On Wednesday, August 14th 2013, my then life came to an irrevocable end. My husband became a fatality in a senseless traffic accident. He was riding his motorcycle east in the right hand lane on Shawnee Mission Pkwy., approaching State Line Road. There was a large company truck transporting a load of large metal pipes, in the left hand lane nearing the stop light. The truck driver then made a right turn from the left lane into my husband’s motorcycle. My husband was thrown across the intersection south of S. M. Pkwy., and landed in the northbound lane of State Line Road. My husband was hit so hard and thrown so far that not only was his helmet split apart, but his head and chest were caved in. Although he was put on life support (as a possible organ donor); he was actually killed instantly. After his funeral a close family friend recommended Brad Kendal to me as a good thorough investigative attorney. I was impressed with Brad from our first meeting. I did also consider a neighbor and a close friend from my youth, but Brad was the one who seemed to care the most about my welfare. Brad Kendal immediately began investigating the particulars of my husband’s particular case. He traveled to check on the particular standards that were set for the installation of the side view mirrors of this size and make of truck from the manufacturer. He also investigated the driver and discovered he was driving under an illegal license, and that he had been previously charged with a vehicular manslaughter case that was awaiting trial in Kansas. Every few weeks Brad would drive to my house and keep me informed of things that he had discovered as he worked diligently to build the case. I always felt that I was in the ‘know’, and that he listened to and respected my opinions. The following July, we went to court and won a $3,000,000 settlement. Brad Kendal is an excellent lawyer."

- Mary Lou

"I had a personal injury case involving a car accident where the driver hit my vehicle, and the insurance adjuster for this trucking company was trying to completely take advantage of me. I was recommended to contact Brad Kendall by a friend who had used him for a case and he was Awesome!! He is aggressive in handling your case and has a lot of experience!! He is a great guy even outside of being your attorney, and he actually cares for your well being. We got way more out of this case than I ever expected. He got it done and took no BS from the other attorney. I would highly recommend Brad he is an awesome attorney and very organized!! He has even given my advice even after my case was handled because he cares!! Thanks so much for taking great care of me!!"

- Candace

"I was a Railroad employee for over 40 years. Most of that time I was a union representative. I have worked with Brad on many injury cases of my fellow workers. In every case he obtained a great settlement, or jury award. In 2011 I suffered a back injury due to negligence of the railroad. This ended my railroad career, but Brad skillfully got me three settlements . One from the railroad, one from the contractor, and one from a former railroad president. I highly recommend Brad Kendall to anyone who has been involved in a negligent injury! He is very understanding and easy to communicate with."

- Leroy

"I have worked with Brad on Railroad and personal cases. He has done a great job. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a good attorney."

- Kenny

"Brad is an exceptional Attorney. Very dedicated to you as an individual and a client. If I ever need an attorney again it
will be Brad."

- Mona

"I would trust Kendall Law Group with any of my legal needs. Brad Kendall is not only capable, but also dedicated to getting the job done right."

- Elliot

"Brad was there for my sister every step of the way. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone!"

- Debbra M.

"I and a few people I know have used Brad and his firm for multiple different types of cases. He is very knowledgeable with the laws and tells you what's going to happen and delivers. Highly recommend and will never call any other firm!"

- Chris F.

"Brad Kendall is a phenomenal trial lawyer - establishing himself as one of the best trial lawyers in Kansas City. The Kendall Law Group has proven themselves to be masters at getting the absolute best results for their clients inside and
outside of the courtroom."

- Matt D.

"When my wife and I were injured in a car accident we chose Brad to represent us. We are regular people, and at the time, didn't know who to turn to for an attorney. We were so fortunate to have found Brad. He not only made the process of dealing with insurance companies painless, but kept us up-to-date and actively involved in the process, all while making it easier to understand. His caring demeanor and genuine concern is something that is not easy to find nowadays. Brad not only helped us get a positive outcome in our case, but has become what I consider a knowledgeable friend that I can count on. I would definitely recommend Brad to anyone in
need of an attorney."

- Dennis

"Brad and his team are the epitome of professionalism. My husband and I received regular status updates, prompt replies to our questions, and a positive end result. I would recommend Brad with confidence. Thank you!"

- Nikki

"Brad Kendall and his paralegal Kaila Prentice. Truly have the best interest in helping families. They have went above and beyond to make sure my family was taken care of. They even sent me a gift card for Amazon when I had my daughter. My daughter wasn’t even there client. They are Family oriented, very professional, kind and loving. My family is forever grateful for everything this firm has done for my family, we couldn’t have done it with out them. I highly recommend them because they will never stop fighting for you."

- Jessie P.