The Deadly Consequences of Speeding: Stay Safe and Slow Down!

Police in rearview mirror making a traffic stop for speeding.

To some, speeding may be a seemingly innocent act of pushing the boundaries, but disregarding speed limits can be deadly, not only for the speeder but also for others on the roadway. An alarming number of accidents, injuries and fatalities tie back to this single behavior, creating a ripple effect of heartache, loss and economic implications. As auto accident injury lawyers, we often witness the aftermath of speeding and we feel compelled to bring awareness to its potentially dire consequences.

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Hang Up Or Pay Up

Truck driver using cell phone while driving

As we discussed in our previous blog, Missouri semi wrecks are on the rise. Due to their foreboding size and weight, semi trucks and tractor trailers can cause severe injuries and death. In May of 2012, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) made it illegal for commercial drivers to operate hand-held mobile devices while operating a vehicle.

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Missouri Truck Wrecks Are on The Rise

Semi truck on highway

Despite significantly reduced travel due to COVID-19, the Missouri collision fatality count increased in 2020. There were 988 Missouri traffic fatalities recorded in 2020. State law enforcement attributes this increase to speeding and encourages slower driving speeds. The Missouri Highway Patrol has ramped up its monitoring of the state’s roadways. Motorists are cautioned, the faster your rate of travel, the more severe a collision will be. It has become commonplace for Missouri drivers to travel at speeds in excess of 90 mph.

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Insurance Coverage For Trucking Accidents is Too Low

side of semi truck driving on road

We are regularly contacted by people who have been involved in motor vehicle crashes with semi trucks in the Kansas City area. The commercial trucking industry is one we are very familiar with and we have handled these types of cases many times over the years. This is an area of the law in which our lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience.

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